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Thank you for your interest in’s donation scheme. The truth is, there are better causes out there. There are orphaned children, countless refugees, victims of violence or discrimination, and many of the organisations that try to help them are really doing an admirable job and need any help they can get. Here, at, we don’t save any lives…

Yet, our aim is to help people travel more – in other words learn more, understand more, live more. Those people who could never dream of doing this financially. Ultimately we hope to partner with institutions in developing countries for this; but this takes a lot of research and resources. In its two years of existence, has awarded at least 10 flights to its best collaborators, including long-haul travels of a lifetime to young people who would otherwise have stayed home. Additionally, has provided countless internship opportunities so that young people get better experience, learn from each other and understand principles of management, social media or design skills. So we are trying to contribute to a better world, we can vouch for that.

Unfortunately, so far we have only had two direct sources of income, two individuals who have borne all the creation, design, marketing and administrative costs of the project. Further development necessitates some help or we will be forced to cut down on activities. What specific activities can we hope to invest in? Further employment of necessary collaborators, sponsorship of other people’s travel projects, creation of promotional material such as T-shirts, caps or calendars, further investment in design options, participation in travel fairs, further translations – these are some of the possible contributions that any donation would go to.

Should you choose to help us, the funds will be going to the paypal account of’s founder Harry Mitsidis. Every donator will receive a personalised email from Harry explaining exactly where the specific donation will be going. Additionally, any donation exceeding US$100 will receive a gift from by post, so your kindness will be returned with an item of considerable value and unique appeal for a traveller (we’ll keep that a surprise). We feel that is the least we can do.

Once again, think about this carefully. The only guarantee we can give you is that your donation will go directly into some aspect of thebesttravelled’s development, and not toward administrative issues which weaken the effect of your help. We understand, and applaud you, if you decide to help desperate children, hounded minorities or victims of war. Thank you for reading this and wanting to make the world a better place.

Best wishes

Harry Mitsidis – TBT Founder, on behalf of the team

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