1. What is TheBestTravelled.com?
TheBestTravelled.com (TBT) is a travel website aimed for the traveller who appreciates places usual and beyond the usual. TBT divides the world in 27 megaregions and 1281 regions. It aims to present the world through the stories and photos of its users, to motivate friendly competition through the point system and to be a library of travel links for every corner of the world. Ultimately, through its many alliances, it is hoped that TBT will be able to sponsor events, scholarships and travel exchanges especially for aspiring travellers from the developing world.
2. How can I register the places I have visited?
There are two options for this, ‘post trip’ or ‘quick enter’. Both are accessible through thumbnails at the top right hand side of the page or through your ‘profile’ section. In post trips, you manually enter the name of a country you have visited or click on the map. The system presents you the list of regions, and you can choose the ones you want from there. Fill in the dates of your trip (if you don’t remember exactly, then an approximation), and press enter. Your trip has been created! Quick list presents a faster option, where you just mention whether you have visited a place or not by choosing from all regions of TBT. You can also choose the year of the visit if you wish. The trips are registered under profile/my trips, and you can then edit them when you wish to correct the dates or add information.
3. Do I have to disclose personal information to the site?
No. You are only required to give your name and your region of origin. However, we do urge you to write a text about yourself in the ‘bio’ section to make your profile and your travel preferences known to other users.
4. How can I find a region I am interested in?
You can either click on the map, choose a megaregion and then click directly on a region, or choose from the list available under each megaregion.
5. Why are there 1281 regions? How were they chosen?
We suggest you click here for an explanation of the rationale to our division of the world. While we don’t claim to be perfect, we do hope we are the best so far!
6. Can I only register past trips?
No. You can register your future trips through the ‘post trips’ option by choosing dates in the future. Your trip automatically goes into the ‘future trip’ area.
7. I have been to a region many times. Which visit should I register?
The most correct way is to register your first time in a region. However, if you have visited a region more times, you can use the ‘post trips’ option to post as many times as you want. This will not give you more points for that region, but the region itself will get points as more frequently visited.
8. Does a ‘future trip’ automatically get registered once the dates of my trip have passed?
No. You need to re-enter the site once you have completed a trip and tick the trip as completed. It is then registered under ‘past trips’ and you get the relevant points.
9. Can I register future trips through the quick list?
No. You can only register trips in the future through the ‘post trips’ function.
10. Is ‘post trips’ or ‘quick list’ a better way to register my trips?
‘Post trips’ is more complete and accurate, and your maps will work better with it, as well as the calculation of points per region or country. Quick list is meant as a faster way for you to register trips, which you can then edit for more precision and accuracy under account/my trips.
Do I need to scroll back on the calendar in ‘post trips’ to find the correct date of my trip?
No, you can manually enter the date in European-style dating i.e. 12 February 1993 is 12/2/1993.
12. Are my points calculated immediately?
There is up to a 15 minute time lag until you will see the correct number of points registered to your profile. This is because updates to content are timed every 15 minutes in order not to have to be done every time someone searches the site, which would increase download times considerably.
13. How can I upload stories or photos?
Just go to Post Story at the top left of the site and then choose the region where you want to upload your story and/or photos. You can write up a text and, in the second step, optionally upload up to 50 photographs. You will need a valid headline, and then just press enter. Don’t forget to press save once you see your list of photos, and be a little patient for them to upload. You can then change the order of the photographs, rotate them and add names to them also if you wish.
14. How can I edit my stories or photos?
Just go to account/my stories. You can make any changes to the content of your story there.
15. Are my stories and photos uploaded automatically?
Initially not, they will have to be approved by the TBT team. Once you have uploaded a certain amount of stories/photos, you will be given clearance for direct postings.
16. What are the UN, the UN+ and the TCC list?
Apart from the list of 1281 TBT regions, we have also devised further lists. The UN list includes the 193 nations that are in the United Nations. The UN+ list is much more extensive, and includes de facto countries that are not officially recognized as sovereign as well as autonomous territories such as Hong Kong, Gibraltar or French Polynesia. The full list is available under the Explore section. The TCC list reflects the divisions of the World as suggested by the Traveler Century Club, one of the oldest established travel clubs.
17. How can I suggest good travel links to be added to the site?
Send us a message through the ‘Contact’ page.
18. What is meant by ‘Region of Origin’?
This is quite a personal issue. We suggest you put down the region of the world where you feel home is. That could be your place of birth, or where you grew up, or where you currently live, or your region of passport registration.
19. How do the maps work?
There are two ways in which your maps work. Under your own profile, in profile/my map, you can see your completed map as it is today based on the territories you have visited. However, when you click on your profile name, you will find there are many maps available, starting from the first year you visited a region. These maps progress for each year you have mentioned, so you can see your progress through the world per year. The final map for this year is the same one as the one in account/my map.
20. Can I contact other TBT members?
You can contact another member directly from the site provided you are mutually following each other. To follow a traveller just click on Follow to the right of a traveller profile page. Once they follow you too, you can send each other messages.
21. Can I contact TBT?
Yes, there is a ‘Contact TBT’ link at the bottom right of the webpage and we welcome questions and comments.
22. How does ranking regions work?
You can rank every region you have visited by signing in and then going to the page of that region. You just click on the stars you feel the region should get on every criterion. Press save and your marks count to toward the average. Your personal marks will not be shown to anybody but you, but you can write in comments which will be available to all users.
23. How can I switch between language versions?
Just go to the top of the page and click the language you want. It’s that simple!
24. Where can I ask a questions about travel issues?
There are two useful areas within the website where you can ask travel-related questions. In the WALL section, on the left hand side, there is an area where you can post general issues or questions that you would like answered. If your comment is about a specific place, you may wish to use the Forum on the Regional Page that interests you.
25. Does TBT have social media channels?
Yes, of course. You can find links to our channels at the top right hand of the page. Look at some of our specially made videos, or visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to see what’s new!
26. What is the TBT magazine?
Our magazine is our newsletter, which usually is presented every two weeks. The latest two magazines are visible on the bottom left of our main page, while you may visit the archive to read any of our issues from the very first one in April 2013. If you are a member, you should receive it directly at the email address with which you have registered your profile.
27. How does TBT define a visit?
Have a look at our document ‘How a visit is defined’ for a clear idea on this.

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