Wooden houses of Shirakawa-go

by Wojciech Fedoruk - 4 years, 11 months ago

Shirakawa-go is a village located in the middle of Japanese Alps, known from its UNESCO-listed wooden houses called “gassho-zukuri”, some of them dated back to XVIIIth century. The houses are built in exactly the same manner and in exactly the same direction – along the river. This is due to the strong wind conditions in this area. The houses are built with no metal, do not have any chimney and their roofs are made from rice straw. They may not look impressive but European architects examining them at the beginning of XXth century were admired with their functionality and construction adopted to heavy weather conditions. Shirakawa-go may be easily reached from Takayama, a well-known Japanese tourist spot. I found this town particularly beautiful with the most impressive blossoming cherry trees I have ever seen in Japan.