Memories of Las Vegas

by Hann D - 5 years, 11 months ago

Vegas is... Well, it's Vegas. Certainly impressive, certainly flashy, certainly sensuous. Dizzying. But in the morning light, it is hot and dusty and faded, and you realize its seduction depends on not getting too close. A bit like a stripper, really. And isn't that poetic. I remember seeing a magician when I was there... We were running late and ended up literally running from one end of Rodeo Drive to the other. The magic show was at Caesar's Palace, if I recall correctly. Ian something or other. But what I really remember is sprinting through the droves of people everywhere, the jammed sidewalks and hotel lobbies... Security guards stopping us to make sure we weren't criminals! The magic show was nice, in the end. But all illusion. Kinda like Vegas, I guess.

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