Charming New York

by Nicoleta Goga - 6 years, 1 month ago

This story is one of my last summer experience. It all started when i decided that i want to visit USA, or as much as i can. So, next thing, i went and subscribedfor a student work&travel program. At first i was a little nervous, not very confortable with everything that was going on..but as soon as i got in the airplane i started to dream:) After a long flight, the airplane landed..i was so excited..everything was so different and beautiful. Even i felt tremendously tired, i keep admire all that new world where in land into. Usa was exacted the way i imagine: outstanding and very different. Skipping the period in wich i was working, but still enjoys living the american dream, we arrived at the most impressive experience that i lived there: my arrival to New York City. Here everything was way too different from home..even from the rest of the regions that i already visited. New York is very impressive..exactly like in the movies, but way better: biger, stronger, louder..overhelming indeed. I swear, that at that time i felt like a villager (and i've seen some beautiful and sophisticated places before). It's hard to explain but this city leaves a hard to explain impression, it's like it is out of this have to love it. I even catched the twilight on it's streets..nothing more beautiful than this. Eventually, i declare myself hopeless and totally in love with the Big Apple.. P.S: i have to warn you that the pictures are taken with my mobile phone, so they are not able to reflect the truly beauty of NY.

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