United Arab Emirates

by Milenko PILIC - 4 years, 11 months ago

There is no doubt that, United Arab Emirates is a country which has done an unbelievable job in last forty years. Prior to independence in 1971, the UAE was split by areas ruled by different local sheikhs (emirs), hereditary rulers of the territories, and the United Kingdom. The common agreement between 7 emirs (local rulers of seven emirates) contributed significantly to all those we have today. Oil reserves’ exploration few years after the Establishment of country, has changed completely the image of the United Arab Emirates. Check here, one small blog entry, what one young UAE student writes about the “before and after” UAE. UAE’s oil reserves are world the 6th largest and I would say number one how are invested all those oil revenues (around 80% of GDP is based on natural resources export). Since, everyone is aware that those natural resources in future won’t be demanded in nowadays level, the UAE Government decided to invest money in infrastructure, tourism and different kind of external investments. Although, some important parts of wonderful business buildings are still empty, touristic sector brings significant revenues. Tourists are mostly interested to experience this amazing combination of “high technology” in a heart of Arabic desert. The UAE is federation of seven absolute monarchies – local rulers (Emirs) of every of seven Emirates. They have an absolute power in their Emirates, with the Abu Dhabi’s (capital) sheik as the President of Country. Every of seven Emirs participate in the Federal Supreme Council and Emir of Dubai is traditionally the Prime Minister. It is very interesting that only 17% of inhabitants actually hold the UAE citizenship and they are either extremely rich (and do not work), or work in Government and other highly responsible state organs. Other 83% are foreigners who are working on wide range of service jobs around the country (mainly foreigner are Arabs, Iranians, Indians, Pakistani..). Moreover, beside infrastructure investment the UAE Government invests big amounts of money in education by providing a high quality education to all its citizens. In key areas of Governmental functioning and education, which usually require high expertise (professors, managers..), famous experts are hired to participate in development of young generations. Thanks to one such initiative, which has even become traditional and globally recognized, I have managed to visit this country. The “Festival of Thinkers” gathered for the 4th time the most distinguished speakers globally (11 Nobel Prize Laureates, successful businessmen, politicians and artist). More info Since, the most amazing fact about the UAE can be partly experienced by looking at breath cutting picture of even more amazing infrastructure objects I decided to emphasize this visual presentation in my blog.

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