What to do in Kathmandu

by Michelle Gebert - 6 years ago

I had the great, for lack of a better word, honour to be shown Kathmandu and surrounding areas from a university friend. Without a doubt there are areas in Kathmandu which are aimed at tourists and even these, though crowded, are spectacular. Being in Kathmandu is like being in a living, breathing museum. From soaring temples to the smallest of shrines Kathmandu is filled with relecs of past and present. I prefer to travel without a plan and immersing myself in the local culture for even a couple of days is worth every colourful moment. My friend and I travelled on a motorcyle through Kathmandu (note: for people who thought traffic in China and the UAE is terrible be prepared for Kathmandu). Travel by motorcycle, though quicker, is an amazing way to appreciate life. We zipped through villages up to the fresh air of the mountains and had amazing views to the Himilayas. At every turn I wish we could have stopped to photograph the moment but sometimes memories are meant to be kept for oneself and expressed to others to encourage them to travel. I know that this story will not divulge a secret place to eat or the best place to view the Himilayas but I do hope it at the very least it will encourage you to make new friends, to take risks and throw away the "to see list" and instead to explore on your own, to find that hidden treasure that means something to you.

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