Time to meet the Leaders of the world in Pittsburgh

by Sulaiman Al Qassabi - 5 years, 11 months ago

The story of my participation in One Young World summit , U.S.A pittsburgh At the beginnings of my war against the community’s perception of my nursing profession, I started losing my self-esteem and I was depressed but I managed those times by participating in worldwide events which is not common for a guy in my age, at least in my country .They were simply fulfilling my heart with happiness and optimism. Right after the high school, I participated in an event as an international representative of youth in the Ministerial Roundtable review of the Economic and Social council of the United nation-via video- and I was the youngest representative among All. Along with me , there was two girls who I won’t forget ;Chelsea Amor Lotz (who introduced me to One Young World) and Helen Geyer . I applied to One Young World at that time but I didn’t think for once that I’ll be accepted in such great event .In the few next months , I received an e-mail of acceptance. Yeeehaw  that was a great news .But what about my mom and dad, Will they accept it ? Hmmmm, I don’t think so but let me see what they’re going to say .I had to clarify everything to them , and guess what was their first reaction ;” No son, there is a lot of scams in the internet. What if they’re faking it? What if they’re trying to get your organs to sell them ? What if they’re trying to hide drugs in your bags?” .Honestly, I don’t blame them about that the reality Shows taught them a lot . I had to keep trying to convince them for the three or two months next months and finally they did accepted . I met a lot of people from 183 countries and great leaders like Kofi Annan , Bill Clinton , Alvaro Uribe , Jack Dorsey

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