Magic Chirstmas in Tallinn

by Olga Usachova - 6 years ago

Tallinn, Tallinn, Ta ll i nn! You hear in this city name sounds the letters? It seems as though Christmas bells are ringing, and invite you to a fairy tale ... .. In Tallinn, namely, in the Old City, I was in the evening, when dusk had already covered the city and the main Christmas tree lit colored lights, souvenir shops windows sparkle with colored lights, and the Town Square Christmas Market located where brisk trade and little houses craftsmen - artisans also decorated with colorful lights and lamps, are represent their products, but to feel the atmosphere of Christmas would like to try market delicious Christmas soup, hot biscuits and Christmas mulled wine with the sounds of Christmas music and feel the unique atmosphere of celebration and joy ... and it seems that is about to begin a Christmas story ... T-a-l-l-i-n-n, T-a-l-l-i-n-n rang bells Christmas like inviting a fairy tale. .. This sense of something happening and a fantastic time in Tallinn was an unforgettable experience and the best Christmas present. Old Town like one big fairy tale imbued with the old legends ... Waking up early in the morning, when the streets will be very quiet, we letting our eyes to the roof, hoping to see a chimney sweep and listen to his fantastic story. Because when you meet a chimney sweep in Tallinn – it’s fortunately! Strolling through the streets at midnight we think about how to meet us Danish princess the same as in the old legend about the foundation of the city. And down in the basement restaurant, it seems that is about to jump out to meet us from the dwarf under the stove, the hero of one of the old Estonian fairy tales ... Tallinn - the dream of every story teller! And dream came true!)

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