Tallinn - a perfect weekend excursion from Stockholm or Helsinki!

by Markus Lundgren - 5 years, 11 months ago

Tallin's old town is one of my favourite places. It is small, filled with history, and untouched by Soviet architechture. For hundreds of years Estonia was part of Sweden, and up until after WWWII there was a Swedish speaking minority in Estonia (practically all fled after the Soviet invasion). There are still several reminders from the Swedish period. For example the Swedish embassy in the old town is housed in one of the old Swedish nobility houses. The church tower on one of the pictures was the tallest building in the world in the early 1200s, according to the information outside the church, at 156 meters. It must have really stood out back then. The Russian orthodox church stands just opposite the pink presidential palace, a way for the Russian Tsar to russify Estonia.

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