Dubai. Trip into the future!

by Konstantinos tsioptsias - 5 years, 6 months ago

Dubai was like a trip in to the future. I realized how technology will support life in areas with difficult weather conditions around the planet and how in the future we will create space to leave in. Of course to support this level of life, it needs huge power supply and that means huge money and investments. Any way, I was impressed with the technology and the mechanical accomplishments. Having a ski resort in the middle of the desert or an island totally build it from scratch it was really an impressive experience to me. Minuses: the food was generally junk with a quality appearance, for budgets up to 50 euros per person. In order to enter in some highly prestigious clubs you should have been escorted by a lady, a lady you can rent in some hotel lobbies. This is so contradictory and hypocritical in respect to their conservative values and moral.

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