Nice people in Ankara

by Morteza Yazdani - 5 years, 10 months ago

Even though Ankara is not the most popular city in Turkey, I had a wonderful experience there. I am a CouchSurfer (a website for hosting exchange around the world) and I ask people to host me for a couple of days in their places. I sent a request on the website and I easily found some hosts there who were really friendly and caring. Apart from that, people in the street were really interested in foreigners (unlike Istanbul which is full of foreigners) and when you ask them to show you an address, they try so hard to make you understood and they make sure you find the place. In one example, a man who didn't speak English at all (most people there don't) made a telephone call to his friend who spoke English and asked him to talk to me in order to give me directions. Or in another case, a middle aged woman tried so hard to tell me that she has an Iranian friend in Ankara and she gave his number to me in case I face a problem.

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