City of lights, city of dreams, city of power, city of kings!

by Anna Kiseleva - 6 years ago

"Oh, my God! I am in the center of the hole world! "- it was the first thought when I descended from the plane in JFK Airport. It is unforgettable feeling which is still inspiring me! i will not tell you about famous sightseeing in NYC, I try to show you my view from insight. I had lived in NY for 4 months. We lived in Jersey City. Every day we use Pass train straight to Manhattan. I sow it's bright side and hidden corners. Every day I waked up and song "Summer in New York"- MICHAEL FRANKS . Lines from the song describe the real NY's life- let's ride that silver train right down the Hudson, have lunch in midtown, we'll both review Fifth Avenue from uptown to St' Pats, then walk through Central Park IT'S SUMMER IN NEW YORK. So different people, different nations, styles...Everyone is a unique. I feel a freedom which I have never felt before! Every trip from Brooklyn to Queens, from uptown to downtown makes me feel that I am alive! The city of films- i have never dreamed that i will stay there! Times Square, hard Rock Cafe, Central Park, Bryant Park, Fifth Avenue, Moma, Brooklyn Bridge - all of these are a places where the best movies was shooted. Memories of NYC will never die!

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