S(e)oul Food

by Michelle Gebert - 4 years, 10 months ago

I love food. No point in masking the truth. Food is an amazing way to connect with a culture. From the spicy sour taste of Kimchee to the chewy deliciousness of Ddeokbokki, the Korean kitchen stole my taste buds. Take a friend and head down to "I Love Sindandong" restaurant in Sindangdong for a fun Ddeokbokki experience and a possible celebrity sighting. For a great view of Seoul at night head up to North Seoul Tower, it is a tourist destination but if you are a Korean TV fan you will recognise it from TV series like "Boys Before Flowers". After you have seen the view and taken the cable car down to the station and walk down the road a bit. In a curve in the road (about 100m down) you should find a small footpath going up the mountain. If you want bibimbap in a more traditional setting follow this foot path up to a small restaurant. I do not know the name but it was delicous, and artistic in its simplicity. Catering to the creative side is lovely little Insadong which is littered with small cafes and nicknack shops in equal numbers also close by are some beautiful palaces. Visit Seoul for a long weekend and enjoy the colours and flavours of this vibrant city.

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