Tommot – Yakutsk road

by Wojciech Fedoruk - 4 years, 10 months ago

Yakutsk is probably the biggest city in Eurasia without rail connection. In 2008 the railroad ended in Tommot, about 450 km from Yakutsk (as there are no cities after Tommot it will be the last stop before Yakutsk even after the line is eventually finished). Then, you had to travel by marshrutka (shared taxi) on one of the most famous and most dangerous roads in the world. The journey lasts for about 10 hours, including waiting during ferry passage on Lena river. There is no asphalt on the road, so passengers should expect driving in dust cloud all the distance. Driving just after another car might be dangerous as there was practically no visibility for more than 20 meters. What is more, there can be very hot in summer so the journey is not very comfortable. Yakutsk itself looks like a standard Siberian city (which means: very ugly, especially comparing to European standards) with nice old quarter covered with wooden buildings.

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