Kizilay the famous street in Ankara

by Hamed Sedighi - 4 years, 3 months ago

Kizilay is the name of a famous street in Ankara and I really got amazed when I went there for the first time. A long street with a wide pedestrian which many, many and many people they are walking up or down the street. I never forget when I wanted to cross the street. Actually I was waiting behind the red light and when it turned to green, me and other people started to walk to other side but I forgot that at the other side of the street there people as well. So at that moment I remember the first scene of the movie, Closer (2004). Anyway, when I was crossing then I found that hundred people are coming to me and at one point I really scared of it. By the way, around this neighborhood you can easily find some places to have a cup of tea or coffee and listening to some Turkish buskers.

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