My First Trip to Russia

by Mehreen Mombani - 6 years ago

On the behalf of the Pakistani delegation I was so lucky to had a chance to meet so many people from different cultures, countries and got to know many people in a very short period of time at Seliger 2012. I learned a lot, shared ideas, attended educational programs, and shared my ideas about project with other delegations. Although it was very difficult to manage all the required things and especially the cost of the ticket but I would like to thank God for helping me out and than credit goes to my Mother for each and every support she extended for me. My school played a best role in making my trip successful because I wanted to take holidays to attend Youth Conference and they allowed me to take vacations. Love to work with PECHS GIRLS’ SCHOOL in future too. Beside this, I would like to appreciate the efforts of every single person, lecturers, organizers of the Forum, Alexandar Selivanov (The Head of International Youth Forum), Jehangir Akram Malik (Ambassador of 28 Asian countries) at Seliger Forum. My days at Seliger are unforgettable. Entrepreneurship and Youth Leadership are such powerful forces; and it will be an honor for me to share and discuss on this topic with Global Youth Network, The Youth Republic. The International Youth Forum “Seliger 2012″ has given many pleasant memories. I am sure and I believe that it was just the beginning. We will meet again next year but this time I would like to join Seliger as a speaker. Jumping towards conclusion, I want to thank everyone who made my journey a real success. I would personally be willing to do anything that’s needed to help any reader reading my writing now.

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