Unsuccessful attempt to climb the Kilimanjaro Mountain

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 2 months ago

In Kigoma I took a night train to Dodemo, via Tabora, and two days later I reached Arusha. In Arusha I saw for the first time the Masaai people with their spears. It was my intention to enter in Kenya, but before I wanted to see the Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa. There were many tourists in Arusha; they flew in direct flights from Germany and other European countries to the international airport of Arusha. Most iof the passengers wanted to climb the Kilimanjaro peak. Afterwards they flew back to their countries from Arusha. So many tourists in Arusha with that purpose made me think in the possibility to climb myself the Kilimanjaro. I asked in a travel agency but the prices were unaffordable for me. I still had several months ahead, until I reached Spain, overland, so I could only spend money in food, transportation and, eventually, in hostels. But the mountain that I could see from Arusha was not the Kilimanjaro, as I had thought, but the Mount Meru, with a height of about 4500 meters. I had to travel to Moshi the next day to really observe the majestic Kilimanjaro, of about 5900 meters height. Moshi was a most exotic place, more than Arusha. There I saw Masaai indigenous with their spears, Indians making business, lots of tourists from Europe and, of course, and the original African people. In Moshi I asked again for the price to climb the Kilimanjaro: 400 US Dollars (it was the year 1991). That included porters with food, and you had to join a group with more tourists. In fact the trekking was only of 18 hours during five days. I tried to go alone and reached Marangu, but in the first checkpoint I was discovered and sent back to Moshi. I was not disappointed. I did not climb the Everest in Nepal, but I saw it. The same goes with the Aconcagua and the Elbrus. So I felt satisfied to have watched the Kilimanjaro. I felt happy with my small adventure and once in Moshi I caught a bus to the border with Kenya.

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