Two long stops in K50 airport

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 2 months ago

In Nairobi airport I bought a ticket to Hargeisa with the company DAALLO. I paid cash, in US Dollars, but the price was cheap. The plane made a stop in Mogadishu, in K50, because 50 Kilometers is the distance from that airport to Mogadishu. The place stopped during a few hours, while loading and uploading humanitarian material. In the meantime I could walk around the airport, which was under the open air, in a kind of village, but I was not allowed to try to get to Mogadishu. That airport and the houses and goats around were all what I saw of Mogadishu, apart from the view from the window of the airplane. When it departed again we stopped for a couple of hours in Puntland, then in another airport which name I forgot, and finally in Hargeisa. The next week I flew back from Hargeisa to Nairobi, and the plane again made all the stops in Puntland and K50, as in the previous flight. I would like to go back to Mogadishu in the future, when the situation will be calmed, to visit the place more properly. Meanwhile, although the flight was marvelous and I could see the country side and village with its people from the window of my plane, because we flew very low, I do not feel completely happy to count Somalia as visited, but I am not a millionaire to pay fortunes to get to Mogadishu with bodyguards.

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