by H Milan Winkelhock - 5 years, 9 months ago

As the District of Columbia is one of the most famous places in the world, I do not want to reiterate the things a guidebook would tell you. Yes you should visit all the historical sites because they are awesome, there are however three places that I would like to highlight. I have visited DC many times before but I always come back to these places. The first being the National Archives where you can see the US constitution and declaration of independence on display. The second is the Smithsonian museum complex across the city, and the third (technically in Virginia, but always popular with DC tourists) is the National Air and Space museum by Dulles airport. The archives are amazing because you will have the rare opportunity to see some of the most important historical documents in the world in person. The air museum is great because of the vast selection of crafts and information. Being an airplane buff I have seen plenty of air shows and museums but nothing compares to this one. You have old Benoit biplanes side by side with a Messerschmidt, a Boeing 707, a Blackbird and of course the Space Shuttle Discovery just to name a few.

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