Crossing the border on foot between Songwe and Kasumulu

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 1 month ago

Often happens that the journey itself is much better than the destination. That was my case when I crossed the border between Songwe, in Malawi, and Kasumulu, across the River Songwe, in Tanzania. The Tanzanian visa can be easily obtained at the border (in the year 1998 I paid for it 25 US Dollars). Then I travelled by truck to a village from where I connected with a bus heading to Dar el Salam. A few hours later, when crossing the region of Iringa the bus stopped and the driver started to sound the horn. I was in a front seat and could clearly see the reason of that stop: there was a lion sleeping siesta in the middle of the road! Finally the lion, indolently, got up and walked slowly, penetrating into the jungle For me that was a great moment, the best of that bus journey. I did not carry enough money to join a safari in Africa, so that was my first wild lion that I saw in my life. In the morning the bus dropped me in Dar el Salaam.

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