Sergey Yesenin

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 10 months ago

Ryazan, a city of about 500.000 persons, is not included in the Golden Ring, what is a pity because it is more interesting than other towns integrated in it, for instance, Ivanovo. I did not expect to find Ryazan a terrific town, but the only three or four tourists’ attractions that the city possesses are remarkable. The first thing that I did upon arriving to Ryazan was to consult the only tourist guide that I carry, the best of the world: THE LOCAL PEOPLE! One of the passengers of my train wagon, a national form Uzbekistan, advised me not to miss the Kremlin. That was a surprise to me, since knowing that Ryazan was not included in the Golden Ring I thought that it would not have Kremlin. But fortunately I was wrong; the Kremlin was built in the IX century, but was destroyed, and much later, when Ryazan was known as Pereslavl, was erected the present one. I walked until its entry and was astonished. It was a lovely Kremlin! The entrance was free of charge. What first thing that impresses you is the imposing Bell Tower, and then, just behind, the Cathedral Uspensky, where I assisted to a Mass service. I made the perimeter of the Kremlin on foot, overlooking below the River Oka. At about 200 meters from the Kremlin I noticed a monument devoted to a much loved poet, the “Russian soul” as he is sometimes called: Sergey Yesenin. He was born at the turn of the XIX century in Ryazan Oblast, but died in Saint Petersburg (well, he was alcoholic and committed suicide when he was only 30 years old). I was told that there is a house museum where Yesenin was born, at about 20 kilometers from Ryazan, but finally I resolved not to go there, preferring instead to spend more of my day time in Ryazan. In the evening I took a night train to Moscow.

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