Kolsch Festival

by H Milan Winkelhock - 5 years, 10 months ago

We visited Cologne and Dusseldorf during the summer of 2007 as part of a longer Europe tour. Dusseldorf is kind of an average city with nothing remarkable to see (although Kraftwerk’s original house is pretty awesome if you know what to look for) beside a fairly cozy riverfront. Cologne on the other hand is really pretty especially if you come during the summer or during one of the festivals. We were there during the Kolsh beer festival where all the local brewers and wineries gather their best drinks in the main square and offer it up for a small penny (or euro cent) with some freshly grilled bratwurst and mustard. To state the obvious, do not miss the Kolner dome! Perhaps one of the oldest churches in Europe, with an amazing view of the city if you manage to climb the tower. Do not forget to take a slow walk around it an look at all the monsters.

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