Replica of the Columbus caravel Santa Maria in Columbus

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years ago

I have been in Columbus several times, mainly in transit, but on one occasion I decided to spend a day to visit its tourist attractions. Being Spanish I was especially interested in seing the replica of the Columbus caravel Santa Maria, in the downtown. When I found it I loved it. I remembered with nostalgia the Santa Maria replica that we had in my city, Barcelona. Unfortunately, members of a dishonorable political party based on Barcelona, that preaches the separatism and the hatred against Spain, burned it down in the year 1987 because of its association with Spain. That caravel in Barcelona was the first replica made in the world of the Santa Maria caravel at the turn of the XIX century, to celebrate the IV century anniversary of the transcendental discovery of America. The caravel was wonderful. In fact it was one of the most popular visits by the tourists in Barcelona. I used to play inside it (children had free entrance) very often because my school was in the Ramblas boulevard, just at 100 meters distance, so its criminal destruction made me sad. Now we have news replicas of the three caravels (La Niña, La Pinta and La Santa María) in Palos de la Frontera, in Huelva (Andalucia), Spain, where you can admire them without fear to be burned down by fanatical people.

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