Unsuccessful attempt to hitchhike to Washington D. C.

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 1 month ago

I left Boston early in the morning. I headed to Washington D.C., hitchhiking. I was carrying a couple of sandwiches from the Salvation Army and a bottle of water for the journey After a few hours waiting on the road a car gave me a ride to Hartford, in Connecticut, where I rested for a while. Later I walked to the exit of the town and started again to hitchhike. Suddenly a truck slowed down about 200 meters ahead and drove back towards me. Then the driver told me: “Excuse me brother, I had not seen you!” I asked if he was heading to Washington and he said yes. He offered me to sleep in the back of the cabin, what I did. I was tired. I had been waiting a ride for hours and soon fell slept. When I woke up I read in the signs: Chicago, Cheyenne, Salt Lake City. Surprised I asked him where he was going, and said: “To Washington State, man!”. I forgot to ask for Washington D.C.!

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