Parque Nacional Coto de Doñana

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years ago

I bought a ticket to Doñana National Park for 29 Euro in a hotel in Matalascañas. At 3 PM I was in the place where a bus would pass to pick up several passengers. I had the opportunity to talk to them. They had paid from 30 to 35 Euro per ticket, so I guessed that every hotel charges what they like. The bus came and picked us all. It was a big jeep. The guide was at the same time the driver and could only speak Spanish as he said when presenting to us. Fortunately we all were Spanish. The tour would last 3 and half hours. We would have two stops of about twenty minute each, to walk around and take pictures or going to the toilets. The first one was soon, on the dunes besides an oasis where the pines were being covered by the sand. We saw many animals, from horses to deers, apart from hundreds of birds, but not a single lynx. I asked to the driver and he told me that they never promise to see lynxes, since there are only about 50 living in the whole park and it is hard to sight them. We reached the Guadalquivir River, where we had another break. We met another group of tourist who had come to Doñana by boat along the Guadalquivir, from Sevilla. You can also visit the Doñana Park from San Lucar de Barrameda. We even saw a cortijo or residential place where our kings, from Alfonso XIII to Juan Carlos I, used to rest and even to hunt (although today it is forbidden to hunt) and Spanish presidents invite special guests from time to time. During the last 30 kilometers our jeep ran along the shore of the River Guadalquivir until its delta in the Atlantic Ocean. On the way we saw a turtle dying. The driver said that it was due to the plastics bags thrown by the tourists that the turtles eat believing to be medusas. In the whole it was a fine excursion.

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