Аrt of finding a perfect cafe in Ioannina

by Kateryna Ianishevska - 5 years, 8 months ago

Оn the Epirus promenade in the city of Ioannina, we were discussing with my Ukrainian friend, another Kateryna,several particularities of our zodiac signs. Even though I am not that much keen on astrology, I found the conversation pretty entertaining. for example, she claimed that me as a Virgo will rather starve to death than eat in a place which will not anyhow tease my aesthetic sensitivity. On the contrary, she will ignore any designer interiors in pursuit of her priority - to order a nice big plate and still hunger. The discusson was just going to hit its climax when I saw this small cafe on the street corner. You know me, I am the one who will glare in any window until people in the room freak out, but I just cannot stop stalking. Anyway, back to the topic. To μουσελίμι coffee & shop (as Mary Mouselimi was very kind to explain me) is rather new one, and she, as an owner, has a unique passion for small details. So she brought in some of her home items including embroidery (which I find especially stunning) and combined in in that kind of way that produces this feeling of coziness most of the places now lack. And the trick really worked - our imagination led us to the belief that we intruded into someone's living room. Here you are some pictures in support of my excitement about To Mouselimi. If you are in Ioannina, I beg you not to miss this place on your way to the castle or whenever you re going. And you will definitely notice it since you are very likely to pass it after entering the castle area.PS Katya probably was right about the image of my sign and dining preferences.

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