by Paula Romero - 5 years, 4 months ago

Travelling to the Phillipines had been my dream for many years so when I finally made it I was all emotions and happiness. I decided that first thing to do was heading north to Banaue rice terraces. I'd seen many pics before and I wanna see them. I landed in Manila airport mid afternoon and went straigh to the bus station to buy a ticket just to find out that all the tickets were sold out and no second plan in mind. I asked if there'd be a chance of travelling that night, some extra ticket or non shown and they said yes,yes sure...wait here. So I waited and waited. I left the backpack there and walked around to eat something. I went back to the bus station and waited and waited and after I don't know how many hours the bus was already there and it seemed all the passengers were there as well and the bus was completely full. But all the sudden they brought some old plastic chairs, put them on the aisle and said to us that we had seats now. OK, that was that or nothing. So, welcome dirty old plastic chairs. After a nightmare overnight trip, being sleepless and smelly finally we were there. We took a jeepney to the saddle point and walked down to the village of Batad enjoying the amazing views and looking forward to a shower after a hard trip there. Totally worhy.

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