Volos amazing seaside

by Argyro Geortseki - 5 years, 8 months ago

According to Greek mythology Volos was the first place where Jason sailed his ship Argo and started the trip to Troy. By viewing the seaside near the port you have a feeling of passion and energy because you know that from Volos a big story started. In the past the port was used in order to import and export cargo. Nowdays it is used for cruises and ship trips. While walking on the other side of the seaside you will find out many parks with trees and flowers were many people are selling goods. Along these parks there are benches were young and older people are sharing their stories. Their love for watching the waves is their motivation to be every day at the same place. By visiting the place named Kordoni in the seaside of Volos you will enjoy walking near the sea, breathing fresh air, enjoy the view of mountain Pelion, see the view of the whole city and drink your coffee during the sunset. You will see many fishermen also trying to catch fishes no matter what is the weather like. Lastly many cafeterias are there to say to you please sit down explore the magic of the sea and drink your coffee by forgetting all your worries, just because the seaside is a step close to you!

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