The Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba

by Jorge Sanchez - 3 years, 12 months ago

The last time that I visited Cordoba was in December 2011. As in previous times, I started my visit with the Cathedral, its main tourist attraction. In Roman times it was a temple devoted to the Caesar, then a Church, but when the Arabs invaded Spain they destroyed it and converted it into a Mosque using the Roman columns of the old temple, so, when we expelled the Muslims invaders during our Reconquista, we transformed the mosque into a Cathedral, thus today the faithful people can assist to the Mass, and the tourists can enjoy the architecture of the old mosque using Roman columns, plus the cathedral erected in the middle. I hope that in the future Muslims will not invade again Spain, because, surely, the first thing that they would do would be to destroy our Catholic Cathedral and transform it into a Mosque. But in Cordoba there are more interesting places to visit. During that day of December 2011 I entered the museum devoted to Julio Romero de Torres to watch all his paintings showing beautiful women from Cordoba (that is why today we say in Spain that the prettiest Spanish women are to be found in Cordoba), and also the old synagogue (entrance is free only for European Union citizens). To get there I had to cross lanes with internal patios exhibiting lovely flowers and plants on the walls. Just out of the walls I discovered two statues dedicated to two of the three famous wise men born in Cordoba: Seneca and Averroes. Inside the walls there is another statue, close to the synagogue, dedicated to Maimonides. Finally, back to the bus station (I had a night bus to Madrid), I crossed on foot the Roman bridge until the Calahorra Tower (today sheltering a nice museum). Before the bridge there is a statue representing Saint Raphael, the saint patron of Cordoba, Local people say that there are twenty statues of Saint Raphael, He is very loved in Cordoba because during the earthquake of 1755 that destroyed Lisbon, Cordoba felt the earthquake but did not suffer and there were no casualties.

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