Chennai..... Touring with my school!! @ 2009

by Pardhu Vanchanagiri - 5 years, 6 months ago

Chennai..... Touring with my school!! @ 2009: That should be my first ever time to go out of my native place. I am well known for being at home till then and everyone was at shock when I have planned to go out for a trip to Chennai. And, my father accepted for it with a smile. My journey started from Warangal. Though I was at a young age by then I am able to come to a conclusion about what we will be doing and what will be happening. Early morning that day, we all the classmates, the number should have been more than 60 for sure because none of us tried to skip this chance of exploring a newer place for we have been frogs in the well till then. It was a travel bus which we took and all of us started the take-off session from our home with an awesome range of dancing and singing. We landed in Chennai the next day. Our main aim is to explore as much as we can. And we did it. The Chennai snake park is one of the best ever places I and my friends have visited. Uncountable number of snakes, reptiles, whoa!!! The beautiful temples which used to be the favorable option for all of us and so now. Totally, it was a tour of refreshing strings of relaxation for a collapsed minds in studying the boring subjects.

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