The Night Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok

by Kristina Rihter - 4 years, 6 months ago

The 14-hour train from Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand to Bangkok is something special. You wouldn’t think so at first. But it is. We took the train at around 4 pm and it was supposed to arrive in Bangkok at 6 in the morning. I psychologically prepared myself to such a long ride, a book, some food, tooth brush not far from reach... At first, we were sitting on very normal blue train seats which were later on turned into beds in two levels by a member of the staff. We even had a curtain which you could close to have some privacy in the long wagon. The funny thing is, the curtain was light green and wouldn’t protect you from the light that was turned on the whole night... But anyway, my friend wanted to find a smoking wagon so we went for a walk through the train. And we found a bar, we could almost say a disco! There was a wagon converted into a bar with light show and very loud music (at that time it wasn’t even 6 pm, it was still bright outside). There was a group of tourists, us and the rest of the people in there were the staff, either smoking, eating or working as waiters. The music was horrible, the quality of the sound was so low my ears hurt. And on top of that, they only had like... seven songs playing and repeating all the time. But still, it was such a funny and interesting place, it made you want to stay there. Drink, smoke, dance (which was kind of hard as the train was moving a lot!) and watch the scenery through the window. We stayed there for quite some time. It was even better when night came and it was dark outside so we could enjoy the light show. It was my first (and maybe last?) party on a train. We then went to sleep which was not such a good idea as the staff woke us up more than an hour before the arrival to Bangkok because they wanted to change the beds back to seats again... It was a rough night, but a one to remember!

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