Street Art in Katowice

by Anna wanna - 4 years, 6 months ago

Katowice -little bit melancholy and extremely mysterious capital of Upper Silesia in Poland hides in their narrow streets and dark gates of tenement houses incredible treasures created by the most interesting and acclaimed street-art artists from whole the world. Everything started few years ago thanks to the first edition of Katowice Street Art Festival which is one of the biggest and for sure the most interesting and various street art event in Poland. Therefore each year walls of Silesians tenement houses called "familoki" are covering by extravagant, sometimes little bit controversial but always extremely impressive works so nobody can pass by them neutrally. Post-industrial Katowice where remains of old factory buildings intersperse with modern architecture made of steel and glass is an excellent, inspiring background for a street art artists. Travelling throughout Katowice we can catch some of the works but much better solution is to download a special map thanks to which we would be able to find all of murals and art installations created during each edition of Katowice Street Art Festival. The capitol of Upper Silesia was visited by such street art "stars" like Daniel Sparkes (UK)aka Mudwig called "father" of street art, Eltono (ESP) who left wonderful, geometrical mural on one of Silesians "familoki". Walls of the buildings close to the railway station are covered by amazing works of Aryz (ESP), Tellas and Moneyless (IT) and Roa (BGL) what makes grea impression for travellers just passing through Katowice via train. We can also try to find hidden installations of Mark Jenkis (USA) and Clemens Behr (DE). What is more we can catch really unusual works of #ONER1 who breaks aesthetic paradigms of graffiti. ZBK Czajkowski - Polish artist from Wroclaw, about who Tristan Marco (one of the most influential street art critics) said as a one of the most interesting street art artists, created three murals in Katowice on which he try to present his own guide across Silesian history and culture. ZBK Czajkowski in his murals is trying to bring lost heritage of Upper Silesia region back to life. In the urban landscape of Katowice we can also find massages from Pikaso - also young, polish artist whose works are not easy, nice and pleasant but perfectly relate to our common life and provoke to reflection. Street art keeps inside indescribable load of emotions, thanks to it usual walk across Katowice change into unique trip. Photos from official facebook of Katowice Street Art Festival.

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