Mother Russia

by H Milan Winkelhock - 5 years, 8 months ago

Moscow is a must-visit world city with an incredible amount to offer; sadly I have only been there once for a five day visit that was way too short. Back in 2005 I was also lucky enough to stay at the old intourist Rossiya hotel just before it got demolished, colossal behemoth took up the space of several football fields and had corridors with thousands of room, a complete rundown soviet mess, but it was a charming stay. I mostly spent my time going to all the touristy places from the exhibition park with the airplanes and the cat circus, red square and the kremlin. A few long rides on the metro to the mikrovodnye suburbs is a must to get a feel of real “Russia” – the housing complexes you may have seen in Hungary and Poland are nothing compared to these. I cannot wait to come back.

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