Trakai, Uzutrakis

by Snezana Michailovskaja - 4 years, 6 months ago

The historical capital of Lithuania is Trakai. It is amazing city located approximately 27 kilometers from Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania). These days Trakai is one of the most visited tourist sites in Lithuania it is famous not only for its castles, but also for other landmarks. The city is a part Historical National Park. Places worth to see and visit: St. Virgin Mary Church, founded in 1409 by Grand Duke Vytautas, church poses Trakai God Mother Portrait which is famous and well known for many miracles.Trakai Island Castle was built at 15th century by Grand Duke Kestutis, completed by his son Vytautas. Castle is perfect example of Gothic style. The castle is in the middle of the Lake Galve.The Uzutrakis Manor Palace was built in the beginning of 20th century and was known as a water park, as over 20 ponds were connected with each other and other lakes of Trakai. The author of park is the French architect E.F Andre. The park was designed two regular parterres with flowers, paths, busts, sculptures and vases. In the 80ha park there are 400species of vascular plants. The park was recreated in 2005.

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