New Egypt

by H Milan Winkelhock - 5 years, 7 months ago

I traveled from Taba to Sharm El Sheiks and was initially planning to take a (shared)Taxi but these have essentially disappeared with the departure of all the tourists. There used to be masses of taxis by the border from my understanding but I spend hours just trying to find a single one. The town is completely void of tourists beside a few Russians staying at the resorts so it’s really no wonder. The only one I found wanted $200 and would not budge on that price. I ended up taking the single daily bus instead (used to be three a day). The bus ride was scheduled for five hours but took almost nine. There was a “military” (the people usually wore civilian clothing) checkpoint about every 30 minutes that caused several delays, these checkpoints generally consisted of a parked tank or APC and a couple of official looking people who needed to check documents. My passport was thoroughly examined at every stop and a few times they ended up calling someone to verify that my visa was authentic, never any questions though. Getting around Egypt is a huge hassle these days and I am not very interested in charter style tourism so I doubt I would be back in Sinai anytime soon, I can really see why people enjoy this place with the affordable hotels and the sea but it’s really not for me.

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