Thessaloniki the city that never sleeps!

by Argyro Geortseki - 5 years, 7 months ago

Thessaloniki is the second biggest and most famous city in Greece!Walking on the streets of this city you can meet people from all over the world and also typical Greeks laughing, shouting and speaking loudly, moving their hands and their body like jumping in order to express themselves!What I love the most on this city is the food, the traditional pies you can find easily in the centre at Kamara square, delicious food gyros served with tzatziki and pitta, trigona panoramatos a kind of dessert with cream and syrup!Another thing I like is the way the residents of this city entertain themselves, by going out for coffee even if it is 9 p.m, choosing the most beautiful view according to the weather and the mood!You can find many cozy cafeteries in the seaside ta Leoforos Nikis' street close to the sea, also at Aristotelous square famous for its view from above, which used absolute vodka for its commercial because the shape of the square seems like the bottle of vodka!There is a bus number 78 in this city that goes from the airport to the bus station all day and night. So whenever you go for a drink till early in the morning instead of taking a taxi try to enter this bus. It's always full of people discussing their latest night adventures in the city!It's the only city in Greece where you can find young people going for adrink, then eat a gyro at 4a.m and then going for a walk in the centre sitting close to Navarinou square close to the archeological sites or near the White Tower and after couple of hours find the same people again at Kamara eating their breakfast mpougatsa pie!It is simply amazing how much energy you gain by only walking in these streets and watching people smiling, eating, drinking coffee, discussing! All these daily moments can change your attitufe towards life just like that by only feeling you are a part of it, only by crossing the streets with these amazing people even without knowing them in personal.Only by breathing the air of this city, the city that never sleeps!

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