Budapest top 5

by Nataša Milić - 5 years ago

I have visited this city twice by now, but it was hard to remember my first visit as it was long time ago. I just remember I was not thrilled with the hospitality of the people in this capital city, but this second visit changed my perception of the place. This is why I am not going to judge one place after only one visit. Here is my list of top 5 things to see, do or try in Budapest. No 1. Of course there are Budapest must see attractions such as the Parliament, Fisherman Bastion, Matthias Church and St. Stephen’s Basilica. Out of all mentioned the view from the fisherman bastion and having a cup of mulled wine, with heaters and blankets when it is cold and rainy is the best experience of Budapest. No 2. As I enjoy in legends and stories, I like the one about the chain bridge which is the first permanent bridge across the Danube in Budapest. The legend says that the designer of the bridge said that the guardian lions of the bridge are perfect and in case someone is able to find any mistake on them he will kill himself. The mistake that was found is that tongues are missing, so he said that tongues are hidden and in case you want to see them you have to look into the lion’s mouth. According to the legend he killed himself, but in reality it didn’t happened. It is just one more interesting story for tourists like me. No 3. Hungarian wellness and spa tradition and visiting thermal baths in Budapest, where you can relax in a warm pool, use sauna, steam bath etc. Definitely a great way to relax! No 4. Try traditional Hungarian food. Everyone knows about goulash and I realized their cuisine is very similar to our Serbian cuisine (at least the one we have in Vojvodina). The only difference is that Hungarians have everything sweet, as they put sugar into stews and other specialties. Regarding desserts there is a unique cheesecake chocolate bar called turo rudi. Like everything else in Hungarian cuisine it is too sweet so one small bar has enough sugar for the whole day. No 5. Try to speak Hungarian and good luck with that. It is very interesting language and not many people speak English so it is interesting to communicate with locals using anything you can think of. Those misunderstandings can be very funny. We had one interesting story from the elevator in one shopping mall when the lady that was working there was telling us very funny story in Hungarian when she got in the elevator. We did not have a chance to tell her that we do not speak Hungarian before she left the elevator, so we were just laughing all together.

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