Ujiji Museum

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

Two great explorers, David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley met in Ujiji in 1871. Stanley said the celebrated phrase: “Doctor Livingstone, I presume”. Well, Stanley massacred many Africans in Congo, and entire villages, that is why I only admire Livingstone. Today, a small and naïve museum captures this moment in this museum exposing two papier mache figures representing these two personages, plus some paintings. To get to Kigoma first, and then by minibus to Ujiji, I took during 40 hours the train in Dar es Salaam. From Kigoma you can catch a boat and navigate during 12 hours to Bujumbura (Burundi) through the Lake Tanganyika (that was what I did during a second journey to Tanzania, and the journey was great!). You need a permit that will be issued to you for a small fee after 24 hours.

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