Edessa the city of waterfalls!

by Argyro Geortseki - 5 years, 5 months ago

This city is the capital city of the region Pella in Northern Central Greece.This city is well known for the biggest waterfall in Greece!There are many parks full of trees, flowers and green. In the park near the waterfalls there is a flowers and cherries exhibition on May and July respectively. Women who like making drinks, desserts, marmelades and traditional sweets from this fruit show their creations to the visitors every spring. Lovers of tasting cherries either as a fruit or as a juice visit Edessa every July and the park is the place where interaction, inspiration and suggestions take place.There are many small waterfalls and rivers all around the city which makes the climate a bit humid. Places to visit:1)Museum of laography 2)Old town 3)High cliff 4)Aquarium 5)Parks and waterfalls 6)Cave of stalagmites 7)Hemp 8)Tzami from Ottoman Empire 9)Archeological sites in the old town 10)Thomas taverna for lunch or dinner 11)Tasty for tasting crepes 11)K2 Rock Bar for people who like rock music 12)Barcode for pop music 13)Zingo, Gallery for Greek music 14)Pleasure, Akadimia, Fresh, Box for coffee and board games if you choose the last one.You can dring Greek frappe and play backgammon!

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