Skiathos island

by Argyro Geortseki - 5 years, 5 months ago

I visited Skiathos island in order to spend my summer holidays in 2009. The island is one of the northern Sporades group with 6078 people as a population. Tourists can reach the island by ship or plane either with a direct flight to Skiathos Island National Airport or to New Achialos Airport a region 20 kilometers from Volos. Your journey by ship is 2,5 hours from Volos Port to Skiathos Port.Also for visitors that live close to the capital city of Greece or to northern Greece the best way to visit the island is by ship from Agios Konstandinos port. About the history of the island in 1207 the Gyzi brothers,rich inhabitants of the island decided to build the Bourtzi, a small Venetian-styled fortress , on an islet just out of Skiathos Town, to protect the capital from the pirates. But the Bourtzi was ineffective in protecting the population and in the mid-14th century the inhabitants moved the capital from the ancient site that lay where modern Skiathos Town is to Kastro (the Greek word for castle), located on a high rock, overlooking a steep cliff above the sea at the northernmost part of the island.In the Greek War for Independence the monastery of Evangelistria was a safe place for the fighters to live during the war. In 1807 the first Greek flag was created and the monastery was the first place where the flag was hanged and waved in the first blow of independance. In modern times the film Mamma Mia was filmed in Skiathos and Skopelos island. This was one of the reasons why more tourists from Europe and USA visited the island the last years. The popularity of the island increased due to music festivals, arts competitions and exhibitions, food festivals, religious celebrations every August, that are held on the island. You strongly recommend to visit Papadiamantis House-Museum the greatest writer of this island and learn about his life and culture of Skiathos. Moreover, visit Bourtzi peninsula and enjoy the view to the city and the port, the Medieval and Byzantine Castle,Holy Monastery of Evangelistria, Old Monastery of Panagia Ekonistria, Church of Tris Ierarches. The best beaches on the island are Koukounaries, Lalaria beach in order to go there you need a trip boat, Xanemos beach, Banana Beach for people who prefer to swim naked, Vromilimnos beach,Megali Ammos, Aselinos beach and Agia Paraskevi Beach.Best Restaurants are Salt and Peper, Ergon, Petrino,the windmill restaurant where you can also enjoy listening Greek music. Of course there many fast foods to taste Greek gyro and creperies! Night clubs to visit and enjoy Greek night life is BBC, Remezzo, Kahlua,Pillow Bar and Pure.The island is small so you can move on foot, rent a bicycle or motorcycle, take a bus and visit all the beaches referred above!

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