Skra Kilkis

by Argyro Geortseki - 5 years, 5 months ago

Skra Kilkis is my village in Northern Greece. My village is popular In Greece because of the victory in the First World War when Greece fought against Bulgaria in 29 of May 1918. Every year we celebrate this victory on May by dancing traditional Greek songs and cooking traditional food, desserts, pies and fruits.If you visit Skra you will see the big central square with monuments of the war, the museum of the first World War, warmhearted inhabitats that will host you and offer you hospitality to enjoy your visit.There are 3 Greek restaurants in order to offer you traditional food, pies and drinks like wine, tsipouro and ouzo. In the mountain there is a military camp left from the first World War. Near the village there are waterfalls and the emerald lake. It is called emerald due to the colour of the plants that are in the bottom of the lake and the sun light. In the forest there is a place where you go camping and have a barbecue. Moreover you can go fishing and canoe kayak in the river close to the forest. You can eat chestnuts, nuts, almonts, quince and apples in the forest where the waterfalls are located.

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