Priviet Moscow

by Abhishek Roy - 5 years, 5 months ago

I visited Moscow in July 2013 and was mesmerized by the architecture of the buildings there.First we took a free moscow tour bus which took us around the entire city and we got to see the main attractions Then we took a walk down red square as you walk across the red square you can feel a chill up your spine as it takes you back to history during the soviet times and the world war.One can get to see one of the most iconic and beautiful cathedrals in the world "the saint basil's catheral"its an architectural wonder with its many colors standing tall and bright,On the left lies the Kremlin the Russian government head quarters.One can also take a walk around the Kremlin and see the three cathedrals present there as well as the Tsar's cannon and bell.Also on the red square there is an artillery museum .After walking through the red square you can head street to Arbat street,the shopping hub in the city.It is the best place to eat and shop(mainly souvenir shopping).Don't forget to take a picture in front of tsoi's wall at Arbat.Keep an eye on the artists painters,jugglers,musicians performing as you walk down this street.The flee market here is exceptional.One could also visit the famous hard rock cafe Moscow which is present at arbat. Post that you could head to the Moscow university and appreciate its beauty.

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