Demo of the Paradise on Earth

by Berk Bulut - 5 years, 5 months ago

Hawaii, consisting of few island, is a unique center for culture of English,American and Polynesian people.While having the world's most beautiful natural beauties to see,hosting various popular TV shows and movies like Lost,Bay watch, Hawaii 5-0 and Pirates of Carribean, Hawaiian islands are one of the most popular places to visit.Here are the tips for the visitors: Buy your tickets in advance especially if you are living in Europe.That will save you thousands of dollars.Look for direct flights to US. While in Hawaii,try to learn the unique culture. Make an "Ohana", eat shave ice ,Drink Hawaiian Breeze and sunbathe in Waikiki beach.While shopping try to find an Hawaiian Native since they have %10 discount in every store. Learn the Shacka Sign,Say Aloha for welcome,thank you or Goodbye.This unique place is the one that I am willing to spent my whole my life in.

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