Traveler's Paradise

by Deepak Raj Pandaya - 5 years, 5 months ago

Nepal, the traveler's paradise. It really makes you feel majestic to be on trek in Nepal, you are almost on top of world in high mountains where you can shout out loud to hear your voice echoing and reflecting on mountains. Travelling through the hills, rivers and mountains communicating with the local people gives an immense pleasure of life. In the clear weather the shadow of mountains and blue sky reflects on the lake as clear as on mirrors. The jungle safari on Elephant back in plains of Nepal will make you feel as if your are a king of some ancient Indian empire. I am here in Bonn, Germany and I miss the hills, rivers and mountains. In summer days swimming in the rivers under the sun makes me feel the utmost free man in the world and this is which I miss a lot. Right now I am in Bonn, here is the link of a small video by river Rhine behind me.

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