Ramadan in Dubai

by Jorge Sanchez - 4 years, 9 months ago

During my first visit to Dubaiu I spent two whole days visiting its tourist’s attractions during Ramadan times. At sunset I ate for free in the Indian restaurants that invited all the faithful people, and since I had observed fasting, they gave me a lot of food, what I ate all, without letting anything, because my next meal of the day and only would be at 6 PM the next day. In fact in the restaurant they did not ask me anything, not even my religion, and the language spoken among us was English since most of the “customers” were from India, Bangladesh or Nepal. The first and second nights in Dubai I slept in a mosque, where the porters gave me blankets to sleep on the carpets, a cup of chai (tea), and woke me up 5 minute before the first prayer, before sunrise. The third day I left for Abu Dhabi.

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