Biggest Baltic Country - Lithuania

by Laura Gurskyte - 4 years, 4 months ago

My dad used to travel a lot and he used to say that people are surprised when they hear about Lithuania. Is it a town or a country? And all those do you guys have internet there? I always thought he is exaggerating. But when I started my journeys I realized that he was telling the truth and I even got to be asked if Lithuania is one of a states in America. It is funny but just shows how big is the world and how much you need to travel to explore most of it! Of course Lithuania is very small but still the biggest of Baltic Countries. Very charming country, though very flat, green is summers and white in winters; but let me prove these things to you till you decide to make sure by yourself! I was born in this spectacular country in East Europe. As mentioned before it is one of the Baltic countries and has a lot of space for people with wild imagination! When you think of Lithuania a small light bulb should appear above your head! All amusement parks, climbing trees, orientational competitions in forests, festivals and moody weather.. Also what could make bigger challange for foreigners from warm countries if not all four seasons that Lithuania can offer? So you always have to think what are you going to wear in another few months. What a great opportunity to change your wardrobe, isn’t it? Once I had a friend from Chile over here in Lithuania during January. You know, he arrived wearing simple pullover and a pair of gloves. The first purchase for him had to be winter jacket! But it was a lot of fun for him afterwards, for person who had never seen winter as this before! And actually winters will offer you great things as frozen lakes which are amazing to ice-skate on. Make sure you take a termoss of hot traditional herbs tea and you are ready for winter wonderland! Usually the temperature drops -15 below zero, so ice is really trustworthy, just are your ice-skating skills are? But don’t worry guys, practice makes it perfect, I know by myself! When I am in warm country during winter time, I miss ice and this way of working out a lot! It is free and so much fun! One of the most popular places to go to ice-skate is in my city and it is called Kaunas Sea. It also has yacht club which is crowded from early spring to late autumn with sailors, wind-surfers and other people who are crazy about outdoor activities. Hiking are also more then amazing there. Sometimes you can even see girls in high-heels walking around forest with the guys. A great place for dates indeed. Nether-less Lithuania is the country full of lakes and forests, which is great for summer camping's, amazing in autumn for mushroom picking and than picnicking (just be aware about poisonous mushrooms, otherwise you will end up in the hospital, which probably won’t be the one from the series of Doctor House). When it comes to summer everybody from Lithuania's main land (as well as from Russia and people from Germany) goes to Lithuanian sea side! And yes it is amazing! It is only 99 kilometers length. Not all of it is possible to reach and see sand and sea, but in the places called Palanga, Sventoji, Neringa or Klaipeda you can do it more than easily. Klaipeda is a port city, full of beautiful people and sailor men. Palanga and Sventoji are summer party places. 24/24 music and open bars, young people in the beach clubs, girls in their gorgeous short dresses, guys showing around their muscles and all the beaches crowded during the day. If you want to play volleyball on the beach is close to impossible, you also almost have to fight for your place on the white sand beach. Or come early in the morning or just stay after party, take a good power nap and stay for sunbathing.. if the day is sunny! So these are more known as party places, but Neringa is the oasis of the tranquility. It is a penisula, that you get in by ferry from Klaipeda. It will take around 15 minutes, even less. There is only one main road which goes along peninsula, but it is normal because the widhest part of penisule reaches only 3.8 kilometers. When you drive the road you enjoy as much as you would drive in California’s A1 highway! One side is Sea and another one is forests. Forests full of wild pigs, though it is hard to see them if you are not looking for them. Not many people though a little pricey, but the best place if you want to hear a fly flying. So these were the places in different seasons of the year. But the capital –Vilnius- is always alive! But when I say alive don‘t expect New York City over here or Amsterdam. Our population is only 3 million people with as many people in streets as Lithuania can offer. Mostly people can be met in Vilnius old town which is actually the biggest in all Europe, really proud of that, especially that it is so old and so awesome, with many bars and coffee places with out-door seating when you can check the people passing by. Great activity! One of those random times that I met woman on boat in Zanzibar she said that she knows Lithuania, she had been there and she loved to be in capital especially the places called Uzupis (Behind the River). It is very alternative place, place full of artists, has it’s own rules. It is like different republic over there though still in the heart of Vilnius. So once you are already there you don‘t wanna miss a chance to go to Uzupis. And it is great for relaxing day, just with your cup of tea to sit next to the river and enjoy calmness and interesting people. It is less crowded than old town or main streets for shopping, but not less amazing at all. And the last but not the least about Lithuania for now. In the beginning of 2014 there was a big survey in Lithuania how Lithuanians accept foreigners in our country! I heard the results on the radio and I was surprised but also very pleased! 90% of people said that they love people from abroad especially for possibility to improve English skills and just for opportunities and international friends. What a great step from my countries people! When I am abroad I really miss these human beings. Smiling and the most important trying to do something else, even if it is just socializing with foreigners, but not to sitting in one place!

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