Osh? OK! a story about my hometown.

by 1111 1111 - 5 years, 2 months ago

I was born in the town of Osh, which is located in the Southern part of Kyrgyzstan. The word Osh itself has no meaning. Usually when foreigners try to remember Osh somehow, I show them hand sign of OK. Since Kyrgyzstan was one of the post Soviet Union countries the word Osh in Russian looks like this "ОШ". So, if you can show the sign OK with your fingers, you can probably read ОШ. If you just google for Osh, you will end up with thousands of sad pictures of June events, which had happened in summer of 2012. I wouldn't suggest you to do it. It's better if you read this blog till the end. If I were about to express my understanding of Osh in three words I would say – sunny, tiny and hospitable. Here comes some facts about Osh: 1. Osh was known as a center for silk production in the 8th century along the Great Silk Road. 2. There is a sacred mountain Sulaiman Too in the middle of a city, which is UNESCO's one of the world heritage sites. 3. Population of Osh is about 300 000. 4. Only in Osh Lenin still alive. There is a big statue of Lenin near to city major. 5. Osh had celebrated it's 3000 anniversary last year. 6. There are more cars than people. Spring is perfect time to visit Osh if you want to hang around, meet people and take part in celebrating new year "Nooruz" according to local calendar. Don't forget to taste with your little finger special delicious food "Sumolok"! Now, I'm far away from my hometown and the first what I'm missing so much are my parents and friends, then my lovely room and mom's food. If you have any desire to go to Osh, and do not how to do it, please feel free to ask me.

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