Porto - a jewel to be discovered!

by Ana Oliveira - 5 years, 5 months ago

Today I’ll be writing about Porto – the second city of Portugal, located in the north of the country by the coast – and why it is my favorite place in the World. Porto has a magic atmosphere that begins with the river – Rio Douro (Golden River) – and the cascade of buildings, monuments and churches from such different time periods as medieval and art deco, which spread down and reaches the river side reflecting their vast pallet of colors in its waters. All this framed with the several bridges and the blue – of the sea and the sky! It’s wonderful to walk in the tiny streets where you can ‘get lost’ in a labyrinth of history filled with local people, to stop for a typical snack in a local bar mixed with a casual talk to the person next to you or even the waiter, to go to the market and see the fresh fruits and vegetables being announced as the best thing you could buy in your life…! That’s why it’s no surprise to me when I encounter yet another foreigner living in Porto… many come as tourists, fall in love with the city and decide to move and live here. Since I was a kid I love to travel and the more I do so the more I have to admit that in Porto we have a quality of life hard to find in other cities in Europe – good weather, beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, great table wine and Port wine of course! …reasonable prices, nice friendly people, broad variety of cultural events, big city park and outdoorsy places, an international airport and good places to visit nearby… I guess all this contributes to the prizes won in the past years such as ‘Best touristic destination in Europe’! Coming back from my trips I feel my heart warm and comforted when seeing the ocean or crossing a bridge overlooking the city center – quite but imposing, colorful and ‘strong’, made of granite, which reassures me that it’s not going anywhere and no matter how long it passes it will always be here waiting for my return.

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