Poznan - Poland at it's best

by Joanna Grudzińska - 5 years, 1 month ago

Poznan is one of most beautiful and lively cities in Poland. As an Ambassador of TBT I would provide You with many stories and useful information about my hometown. One could say that it is just the easiest thing I could do - well, one could not be more wrong! It is very hard to pick greatest places, events, food in the city which You know so well keeping in mind that You try to invite travellers with limited time for exploration. This is my first post about Poznan so I will first give you few reasons why during your stay in Poland you shouldn't skip it. 1) it is located in between of everything ;) 3h to the north you reach the coast while going 3h to the south you are already in the mountains. 3h to the east you get to the capital of Poland (Warsaw) and even less than that in western direction - you are in Germany. 2) Every month, and especially during summer, Poznan has great cultural events (like movie festivals - Transatlantyk, Ale Kino or music festivals - Made in Chicago Jazz Festival and many others!). 3) We still have quite many small cinemas offering alternatve to multiplexes offer alternative movies. 4) First lakes you can visit while being still in Poznan - thousands of them are just next to it in all directions - no better occasion for having a walk or a bicycle ride. 5) there are 2 national parks just next to Poznan. 6) It is not so crowded and you get a great value for money while eating out or partying. Still not enough. Well, I will try to conveince you later in other stories, for now you can take a risk and just trust me. Oh! And for those in a rush - one active day in Poznan might maybe not be enough but still can be a great adventure ;)

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